Advantages of Rotational Molding


Design Advantages

Rotational Molding offers many design advantages over other molding and manufacturing processes:

  • Shorter production times
  • Low to high volume production runs
  • Utilize recycled plastics
  • Double or multi wall parts
  • Surface finish tailored to suit product requirements
  • Capable of parts up to 28’ long and 14’ in diameter
  • Hollow seamless and stress free parts
  • Light weight compared to other methods
  • UV stability
  • Custom colors
  • Clean ability
  • Thicker outer corners which help strengthen the part
  • Foam filled parts
  • Rotolining—plastic lined steel parts
  • Molded in inserts
  • Molded in kiss-off ribbing
  • Reinforced ribs and undercuts
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant
  • Flexibility to create intricate parts of various sizes
  • Uniform and/or varying wall thickness
  • Wide variety of materials available
  • Mold-in or Mold-on graphics

Cost Advantages

  • Low entry costs
  • Tooling easily modified
  • Colored resins eliminate painting
  • Lower production requirements
  • Product costs are reduced using lightweight plastics
  • Reduced labor costs